Secrets For Bass Fishing In Washington State

This works a lot better if you can use live bait.  The reason for this is that live bait will help to trick unsuspecting fish into biting your hook. Once you catch some sea flounder you will want to store them in a closed case of water. Using a closed case is important because otherwise they may be able to jump out of the boat.

It is also a good idea to buy tackle that look like small insects and bugs. Bass fish like to eat small fish, insects, as well as bugs so it is important to buy tackle that look like their prey. You may want to do some research about this online and print out some pictures to bring with you to the tackle shop. This will allow you to compare what their prey looks like to the type of tackle that you want to buy. As a general rule, you will want to buy tackle that look similar to the pictures you have printed out.

These secrets will help you to catch a ton of bass fish off the coast of Washington. It is also important to do research before you head off to try and catch some bass fish. Talking to other fisherman is also a good way to learn about the best spots to fish at. Just remember, if you are patient you will always be successful when it comes to fishing bass fish off the coast of Washington State.

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