Bass Fishing The Potomac River

Particularly good choices are pumpkin green lizards or snag resistant frogs. If you could only choose three colors, the best choices for bass fishing the Potomac would be green pumpkin, blue and black, and watermelon.

When the bass are in the spawn, consider a hard jerkbait such as a number eleven floating Rapala! Use a quick motion of jerks with tiny twitches to keep the bait relatively stationary while still grabbing the attention of the bass in the area. Powell rods are always good choices when it comes to fishing for bass on the Potomac. Use from a ten to twenty pound test line for best results.

For those who are lucky enough to get out onto the Potomac River to fish for bass or other fish, do plan to work with the locals in doing so.  What you will find is amazing.  The people here are ready and willing to provide you with the information, resources and all those hotspots you are so eager to find. What’s more, many times, they will give you a good idea of what to do and what not to do to get the fish to bite.

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