Killer Bass Fishing Tubes

Tubes may be Carolina rigged, Texas rigged, fished weightless or drop shot rigged.

The easiest basic method for rigging a tube is to insert a jig head into the hollow area of the body of the tube. You can easily use this method when you are fishing on spinning tackle. Just tuck the jig head into the tube, and use this presentation as a finesse lure whenever you are fishing really clear waters. You can easily skip this lure through overhanging branches and vegetation too. If you push the jig head all the way in toward the front, your tube will fall more rapidly and have less spiral to it. By the same token, if you push the jig head back from the front, you will slow the fall and increase the spiral of your tube.

For added interest to the bass, bass fishermen have been known to insert various substances into the body of a tube. For example, if you break up an alka seltzer tablet and insert a bit into the tube, the tube will bubble and fizz in the water to attract the bass. Some anglers soak bits of cotton in fish attractant and insert that into the tube.

Bass fishing is an art form.  Take it easy and try a variety of methods.

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