Large Mouth Bass Can’t Resist These Lures

Fishing Depth – Since you do need the crankbait to hit or be near the bottom from time to time you need to choose your lure according to the depth of the water. Both the size and the angle of the clear plastic lip located near the eye hole will determine how deep the crankbait will run during the retrieval process.

Crankbaits have a lot of advantages that will help you reel in the large mouth bass like crazy. They just can’t seem to resist the temptation of striking these well-designed lures.


Using the two lures above can help you be more successful when fishing for large mouth bass but you must know how to use them correctly to get the results you are seeking. Your presentation is everything. The lures are designed to function a certain way and to attract the attention of the bass. They will accomplish what they were designed for provided the angler is using them to their full potential.

If you are not having much luck reeling in the large mouth bass and you have tired a variety of both spinnerbaits and crankbaits, then you may need to work on your presentation. Start by making sure you are using the right lure for the type of water conditions you are fishing in. It is imperative that you match the lure to the water conditions in which you are fishing.

After making sure you have the right type of lure you need to use it to its full potential. You need to understand how the lure works so you can use it correctly. Therefore, the more you learn about lures and their design the better off you will be. Once you know how they are suppose to work, you will be able to present them to the bass in a way they can’t resist.

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