What Bait Should I use to Catch Bass? and other common questions

Fishing for bass can be a fun pastime for individuals and families alike and many people use this time for relaxation and for the experience of getting back to nature. Since this fish is such a popular species, it can be complicated trying to find the best information that can be trusted and that works each and every time a fishing trip is planned.There are many schools of thought on what the best baits to use are and how to catch this exciting and popular fish.For the novice, all of this information can be overwhelming and it is difficult to discern that information that is valid and the information is simply from sources that are attempting to sell you something.The following is a straightforward look at what bait to use to catch bass and answers to other
common questions:

Insects – The bigger insects are a mainstay of the bass’ diet and are found on most lakes in just about every geographic location that the bass are found in.

You can find these insects by simply searching the shoreline of the lake or you can go to the local bait shop where they typically carry them. If neither option works for you, then you can easily find lures that are made to imitate these insects and the bass cannot tell the difference.Some of the common insects to fish for bass with are dragonflies, crickets and grasshoppers.

Shellfish – The most common shellfish to use when fishing for bass are crayfish.Use these when fishing at the height of a summer day by allowing the bait to reach the bottom of the water.This is where the bass are feeding
during that time and this is their preferred food sources.Again, if you prefer not to use the actual live bait, you can find very realistic lures that mimic the action of the real crayfish.Use a sinker to get the bait to the bottom of the water and jig the lure or live bait so that it attracts the attention of the bass.

Minnows – Minnows are also known as baitfish and these are the babies of the larger fish or small species of fish that are naturally occurring in the lake that the bass are in.You may want to ask the locals what minnows are the
best for fishing for bass in the lake that you have chosen.There are many different varieties of minnows and they are also mimicked in artificial lures so finding the right variety is never difficult to do.All bait shops also offer a variety of live minnows and it is always a good idea to get a dozen or so different varieties to see which ones the bass prefer at that time of year.

Frogs – There are very few bass that can resist the lure of a nice juicy for breakfast or dinner. They are a favorite food source for bass of all varieties.This is also inexpensive live bait as you can catch frogs on the shoreline or easily purchase them at the bait shop.This is also one of the most popular lure types and they are found in a variety of sizes and colors that attract the bass.Fish them on top of the water and bounce them across lily pads and other vegetation in the early morning or early evening hours of the day.

Where Can I Find the Bass? – This is one of the most widely asked questions by novices who are attempting to catch bass.All the best bait in the world is not doing any good if you are not fishing in the areas where they are located.

If you want to find bass then look at areas that have cover that they can hide in or under.This is where all their baitfish is found. When you find the food supply, you find the fish; it is a rule of thumb that never changes.

Areas that have low hanging trees and roots that are submerged in the water are great places to find bass as well as rocky outcrops and underwater cliff overhangs.They love shady areas in the hot summer days and are in deeper water.When it is cool and at dawn or dusk, the bass are closer to the surface.

When it comes to fishing for bass, many people have their own ideas and thoughts on what works and this is what they stick with.The above are the most common baits to use when fishing for bass and offer a very clear picture of where to find them.It is important that any lure that use mimic the natural look of the actual live baits that they are replacing.This makes is easier for the bass to spot and you do have more success than using lures that have crazy colors or unnatural markings.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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