Fishing For Kentucky Spotted Bass

Fall fishing for spotted bass is exceptional in some areas. Although the bass do not like colder temperatures of fifty degrees or less, they can still be aggressive. As the temperatures get colder, they will move to the shallow waters. You can find them around the rock structures, bluff banks and some may hang around the shores that have fallen trees and rocks. You should be able to find the spotted bass in about twenty to thirty feet of water during the fall months. Use a jig, spoon or a night crawler to get the attentions of the bass.

Winter fishing is not common in areas where you would find Kentucky spotted bass. You will have the best luck during summer and fall if you miss the spring pre spawn. You can fish every day no matter what the weather is like. The spotted bass are only affected by the water temperatures and not so much the water clarity although the murky waters are just as great for fishing as the slightly strained waters. It is where you fish and what you use for the bait. Keeping the live bait and some artificial bait will give the angler some ways to experiment with what the fish are biting on any given day.

If you want to fish for Kentucky spotted bass, you can find many streams and rivers to fish. You will want to ask for a map of the area waters and you might even want a fish locator to find the fish, but in most areas, this is not necessary. You can find the bass easily enough by just looking for the right areas in the water. If you see heavy brush and down trees, you will more than likely find the spotted bass. Just keep quiet and do not disturb the water when fishing.

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