A List Of Effective Striped Bass Baits

Best Techniques for Catching Striped Bass

Knowing as much about the striped bass as you can is one of the best things that you can do to improve your skill level. The striped bass are considered an “inshore” fish because they normally don’t move very far from the shoreline.

However, they will travel for long distances to find freshwater rivers when it’s time for them to spawn. The time of year in which they begin spawning greatly depends on where you are fishing. The ideal water temperature for spawning is between sixty and seventy degrees.

The saltwater striped bass are native to the East Coast and can be found around reefs, bays, estuaries and tidal rips. They can also be found in many freshwater lakes, rivers and streams. It may be a little more difficult finding the striped bass in freshwater than in saltwater because they will move around in the open water more.

They tend to feed the most aggressively during the dusk and dawn hours but you may be able to entice them to bite throughout the daytime if the bait is presented correctly. During the hottest part of the summer they will feed more during the nighttime hours when the water is cooler.

The striped bass is a school fish so when you locate one you will most likely enjoy many more bites for awhile. When you stop getting strikes, it’s time to move on to a new location. Most any technique such as trolling, casting, jigging and even fly-fishing will work great when you are fishing for this species.

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