Productive Wisconsin Bass Fishing Spots

In fact, anglers attempting to fish with live bait for crappie or other species of fish, sometimes complain that they can’t help but catch the smallies, because it seems no matter what you are after, the smallies are going to hop on your hook.  This ease of fishing makes it a great place to take kids with limited attention spans to learn to fish.

If you want to catch big bass, fish the weeds on the northern part of the lake.  In the midday, use plastics and jigs tipped with a bit of leech or worm, to fish the deepwater sides of the weeded areas.  Black and white are both good colors to use.

Two boat ramps — one on the south shore and the other on the northeast in the campground — provide access, but the southern ramp is the best. There is plenty of shoreline action, but these are the smallest fish in the lake. The largest fish will be in the weeds, especially in the north half of the lake. When the sun is high, fish the deep-water side of the weedbeds with jigs and plastics.

White and black are both good starting colors, and you will catch more fish by adding a piece of nightcrawler or a leech to your jig.

Upper Buckatabon Lake, Lower Buckatabon Lake, Shell Lake, Lake Wissota, Nelson Lake, Minong Flowage, and Marsh-Miller Lake are all also great bass fishing waters in Wisconsin!

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