Shore Bass Fishing Techniques

The most important factor however is presentation.  It is certainly the biggest mistake I see fellow anglers make when fishing in these situations.  As I said previously you sometimes have to make long casts.  You do not however need to make them towards the center of the lake.  Too often I will see an anglers select a spot and then cast his line as far as he can into the center of the lake where there is no cover and really nothing but deep water with no life.

The better approach is the locate a spot and act much like a hunter.  As we discussed before these fish are quite wary of anglers.  Instincts allow a large bass to attain such size.  They are conditioned to avoid the common angling techniques, if they were not they would have wound up caught a long time ago.

You need to use all of your senses, knowledge and experience to locate the best spot and then attack it from a point of ambush.  I like to stand at least ten yards from the target area I have selected.  I then will cast my offering as far as I can beyond the spot I feel will hold the fish I am seeking.  I then will slowly bring my offering through the target area in search of a strike.  When fishing you need to have a plan.  This sport is more mental than it is physical.

It is great to be able to cast well or to be able to fight a fish well.  It is more important however to be able to correctly read a situation and employ the proper techniques and patterns to make it as favorable as possible for you.

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