What do you think are the best white bass fishing lures?

What do you think are the best white bass fishing lures?

Where do striped bass live?

Where do striped bass live?

The Thermocline Is Divine….

What is the number one winter bass fishing tip everybody can use?

The Lure Of Bass�

What are the best bass fishing lures? How do I know which to use?

Lake Bass

What are your best tips for bass fishing on a lake?

Bass Facts

Can you tell me some tricks for bass fishing on a lake?

Cold Water Bass

What gear should I have before going bass fishing next winter?

Deep Tactics

What are some fishing tactics that all bass anglers can use?

Arkansas bass fishing guides, the benefits

There are many benefits associated with using Arkansas bass fishing guides especially if you’re new to the area. Using guides to take you fishing will help you get familiar with the water and learn your way around. Even though the bass don’t change that much, fishing in different environments requires different techniques due to variations in water temperature and climate. The bait the [...]

Bass Fishing in Ontario – best places, gear, tips

Bass fishing in Ontario is some of the best you’ll find anywhere and you’ll have the opportunity to catch some rather large ones. Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the world because it’s something that anyone can enjoy. It’s one of the best ways to relax in the sun with family and friends. It’s an exciting and fun way to spend time together and Ontario has a [...]

Best Time to Fish for Largemouth Bass

The largemouth bass is one of the most popular game fish sought out today because they are such an exciting fish to catch. These fish have a very aggressive nature and they’ll struggle hard against your line. This makes catching bass exciting and it draws in the anglers looking for a real challenge. Anyone can go fishing for this species regardless of skill level but keep in mind, this particular [...]

Where do striped bass live & how to catch more bass

Striped Bass are one of the few fish that can live in both fresh, and salt water. They can be found in large reservoirs, in the tail-races below dams on larger rivers, and in inshore bays and estuaries. In each environment, they are a well traveled, large-schooling species, covering great distances in their search for their favorite food. In freshwater, this means shad. Bluegills and crappie are also [...]

Four white bass fishing lures and when to use them

The White Bass (Morone chrysops), also known as the Sand Bass, is a true bass of the family Moronidae, and includes Striped Bass, Yellow Bass, and the sea basses. Contrary to popular belief, Largemouth, and Smallmouth Bass are not ‘basses’ at all, but members of the panfish family Micropterus, which also includes bluegills, all the freshwater sunfishes, and crappie. Due to stocking programs, [...]

What is good bass bait? Here are four to try

There are two types of Black Bass in the US. The Largemouth Bass (Micropterus Salmoides), and the Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus Dolomieu). They have different behavior, and inhabit different enviornments, although they can over lap. They do not inter-breed. There is a subspecies of Largemouth known as the Florida Largemouth (Micropterus Salmoides Floridanus). It only lives in Florida, and it’s [...]

What do smallmouth bass eat? try these baits

When you mention bass fishing, the smallmouth bass almost immediately comes to mind. Anglers of all skill levels can catch this very popular game fish, which is one of the reasons why they are such a popular species. You can fish for them with your kids or fish professionally so they suit all types of anglers. They’re a spirited fish meaning they will fight hard when you get one hooked. In fact, [...]

Four fishing tips to catch Texas bass

My home state of Texas abounds in World-Class Bass water. One thing different about Texas lakes is that most have lots of cover….deep, heavy cover, so your tactics will have to adjust for that. But before your throw a line in the water, you need to know something about the fish your after. Knowledge is power, especially in fishing. There are two types of Black Bass in the US. The Largemouth Bass [...]

What do bass eat in ponds?

Catching bass in ponds consistently requires a sightly different approach than fishing in a larger lake or river. With very few exceptions, you’ll be fishing for Largemouth bass. Smallmouths don’t do well in small ponds, preferring rivers and larger clean lakes. A few things to consider when fishing a pond is; 1: Is it a private, or public pond? Public ponds get a lot of fishing pressure [...]

5 striped bass tips

There are two types of Striped Bass in the US, although they are the same species. The Striped Bass’s range was originally from St. Lawrence River in Canada, south along the coast to the St. Johns River in Florida, and west to the Gulf of Mexico. However, in 1941, when the Santee-Cooper River in North Carolina was dammed, forming lakes Moultrie and Marion, it was discovered that not only did [...]

Number ONE winter bass fishing tip and why

To consistently catch fish in winter, you need to understand a little about Limnology, which is, in part, the study of how fresh water behaves in a lake. The Three basic things you need to know is that (a) Water is most dense at 39 degrees F., (b) Ice is less dense than liquid water, and (c) The water in a lake is made up of three layers: The epilimnion, which is heavily oxygenated, warm and goes down [...]

New lures for Michigan Bucketmouths

Any new bass fishing tips for those of us in Michigan?
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