3 Tips for fishing Bass Lake, CA

Third Tip – Bass Lake has a lot of vegetation and so you should always use a weedless lure to ensure that your fishing experience can be as smooth and seamless as possible. Plastic worms work best, and paired with a Carolina rig they will definitely up your catch rate. They will not get caught in the vegetation but are perfect for dragging through it regardless of how dense it may be. You should use them from the banks wherever possible because this seems to have the greatest level of success. However, you should be aware that Bass Lake has a very changeable composition because vegetation may move overnight and can rapidly grow and recede. As such, do not count on it too much. Instead, rely on weedless lures in combination with slow fishing as and when possible.

If you adhere to the three tips above then you should achieve a good measure of success when you go to fish on Bass Lake. If you do choose not to fish from the banks but instead go out on a boat then you should be prepared to wait for quite some time before you get a catch. Although this is not always the case, the boat will often repel the bass. Try a few methods of fishing out there though because you will definitely find a fantastic way that works for you. With such beautiful scenery and abundant bass populations, the time spent there checking out the action is worth it.

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