4 striper fishing techniques for outer banks

Stripers are an incredible species that can be found around the Outer Banks located off the coast of North Carolina. They are a true bass and they’re the largest one found in the bass family. Sometimes they’re referred to as striped bass. This popular game fish is recognized easily by their color and markings, which is olive green with 7 or 8 distinctive horizontal stripes running down their sides and a white belly.

A striper will put up a huge fight when caught and this is the main reason so many anglers seek them out. The rush of adrenaline received when you set that hook and it begins fighting back is incomparable! You’ll feel accomplished and satisfied when you reel in that big one that you’ve been waiting for so long.

There is no better place in the world to catch stripers than the Outer Banks and the beautiful scenery is an added benefit. It’s a great place to visit when taking a fishing vacation with family and friends. It’s also a great place to go when you simply need a weekend getaway to relieve some stress on the water fishing.

Outer Banks Techniques for Catching Stripers

Since stripers put up such a struggle it helps to know a few good techniques that can get their attention in different situations. This way, you can adjust the way you fish to match the way the stripers are responding.

Here are 4 striper fishing techniques that work great when fishing the Outer Banks:
1. Surf Fishing- Surf fishing is a technique that involves using a surf rod, which is longer than normal rods, and wading out into the water to fish for the species that live near the shore. It’s a very productive way to fish and you can reel in a nice striper using this method.
2. Trolling – Trolling is a great technique to try because it allows you to cover a large area in a short amount of time. The art of trolling is easy to master with a little practice and it’s the best method to use when the stripers are out in the deeper parts of the water.
3. Bottom Fishing with Rigs- Fishing rigs are a wonderful tool that should be used by every angler at least once. Bottom fishing with a bottom rig is one of the preferred techniques among many striper fishermen because it helps get the bait down on the bottom where this species can often be found. Try a few different rigs until you find one that works well for you based on when and where you’re fishing along the Outer Banks.
4. Casting- Casting your line into the shallow waters under bridges, piers and around rocks and pillars can often prove to be very effective.

Switch around between these different techniques and you should be able to entice this species to strike most any time you go fishing.

Striper Fishing Tips

Paired with the techniques above these tips can help make your striper fishing trip more productive and enjoyable. They may even help you reel in a trophy to show off to everyone. The best time to fish for stripers is when the water temperature is between 55 and 68 degrees. When the waters are hotter or colder the stripers will move out areas that are a harder to reach.

They also tend to avoid murky, dirty or clouded waters whenever possible. Most of time, stripers will ambush their prey but they have been known to chase after a tasty meal so don’t let this surprise you. Adult stripers will move into the channels and rivers connecting to the saltwater when they are ready to spawn.

This is a great time to fish for them especially if you don’t have a boat. They’re hungry during this time and they’re easy to get to.

Go fishing at night when you can because this species will be more active and this will make it easier to entice a strike. However, don’t use a light when night fishing because unlike other species, this will send them swimming in the opposite direction.

You need to be prepared for the fight when you hook a striper because they won’t give up until they can longer move or until you give out and they get away. They may be big but they use their tails to guide them swiftly through the water.

This species is not for someone who is new to the sport of fishing due to their size, speed and the fight they will put up. If you’re visiting the Outer Banks or recently moved to the area, review the laws for this species before going fishing. You don’t want a great fishing trip ruined because laws were broken you didn’t know existed. Laws often require you to release your catch and there will be strict guidelines to follow when you can keep them.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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