4 Tips on Catching Striped Bass

Striped bass are not only a fun fish to catch, but for those who have a taste for eating their catch, they have a great deal of flavor. The great thing about this fish is that they are fun to catch and the entire family can get in on the action because they do not grow as large as other species.This means that young children can easily catch legal striped bass without much help from mom or dad.While they are not huge fish, they do get large enough to be considered a trophy fish and many lakes have catch and release tournaments for this species.

Whether you are fishing for the trophy or if you are just attempting to get your limit in order to fill the freezer, the following 4 tips on catching striped bass can help your day on the water to be more effective.

Choosing the Right Line – The first thing that needs to be considered is the type of line that you are to use whenfishing for striped bass.There are two basic types of line, braided and filament and both have their own strengths and weaknesses.The main differences between the braided and filament is the amount of stretch and strength that they offer.When fishing for striped bass, you need to have a strong line that also offers some flexibility or stretch to it.This is because you use your drag in order to reel in the fish.When you use your drag, there needs to be stretch without breakage in the line you are using.

For this reason, you need to go with the filament because the braided line does not offer the same flexibility.Braided line is also not as strong as the filament and can break and snap as the striped bass fight against the hook.You can end up wasting a great deal of tackle and bait if you do not choose the filament line and decide to go with the braided line instead.Save yourself the grief, lost equipment and fish by using the proper line when fishing for striped bass.

2.The Lures That Attract Striped Bass – The second tip for catching stripes bass is the type of lure you should choose.This is what attracts the fish and entices them to strike.The lures that you use are dependant upon the
conditions when you are fishing.When it is overcast or in the early morning or at dusk, you want to fish closer to the surface where the striped bass are feeding.The best lures for this type of fishing are surface lures and popping plugs.When it is full daylight out or when it is warm, the fish run deeper so you need to use a different type of lure.Those that have a swimming action or that is considered deep divers are the best option at this time of day.You can also use fake worms and jigs but make sure that you allow them to reach the bottom and use a slow reel in technique to attract the attention of the fish.

You can also add some bait to get a scent trail that also attracts the bass.

3.Tackle – You do not need a great deal of fancy tackle to fish for striped bass.Snelled hooks, slip sinkers and squid are effective enough to catch them.This is the beset part of fishing for striped bass.Even those on
a budget can have fun days fishing for them and it does not cost an arm and a leg to take the entire family out.The best rule of thumb is less is best and to not over think the fishing process.Just get your line, bait or lure out where the fish are and they do all of the work.

4.Bait – The best way to use bait is to chunk it.What this means is that you take a baitfish such as mackerel or squid and cut it up and put it on the hook or lure.This allows for a scent trail to be created. Some even chum the water with bits of bait to get the fish more actively seeking a meal in the area that is being fished. Just remember to use a hook that is large enough to hold the chunks of bait but is not too big for the bass to get into their mouths.You can lose a lot of bait without landing one fish if you have the wrong

Fishing for striped bass is a fun way for the family to enjoy time together without spending a great deal of money.You can get some nice sized fish that is perfect for freezing for meals later on.Just remember to keep it simple and to use the proper equipment for the time of day you are fishing.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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