Five bass fishing spring tips

If you do not already use them then try fishing with jigs during this particular bass fishing season. Many people find that they have more luck with jigs than with any other bait or lure during this time. Many believe that it has to do with the movement of the jigs in water during the Spring but it may also have a lot to do with the way the light catches such baits when used in topwater. You may also want to try crankbaits as they are also good for use all year round. More bass fishing enthusiasts feel comfortable with crankbaits than any other type of bait and this does have an impact on the way you fish but they are not always the best choice.

Finally, choose the area to go fishing in wisely. Some lakes are far livelier in Spring than others. If you choose to go to the more lively waters then you will find that your catch rate instantly improves. A little research will go a long way to making sure that you enjoy yourself so take the time to do what you have to do to find the action!

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