5 tactics to catch more striped bass fish

Striped bass fishing is fun, exciting and challenging all at the same time. This species is classified as a true bass and they are one the largest of the bass family. A striped bass can weigh in excess of one hundred pounds and they fight hard when hooked. With qualities like these, you can see why anglers seeking a trophy fish or those looking for a real challenge seek them out.
It can be very difficult to reel in a fish this big or even one that’s half that size for that matter. It will take a lot of strength, dedication and some heavy-duty equipment to get it from the bottom of the water to shore. Once you do get it reeled in, you’ll need help getting it from the surface of the water onto the boat. Even the smaller striped bass can be very difficult to reel in because they do put up an amazing struggle.
Catching a striped bass is very rewarding. Anytime you reel in a fish this size, you’re going to be excited. As soon as it takes the bait and you set that hook, the adrenaline begins to flow and the rush continues until long after the fight is over!
When fishing for a species as challenging as the striped bass for the first time, it helps to get advice from others that have experience with this species. They can give you advice that will help in your quest and once you have gained some experience seeking out this species, you’ll learn a few tips and tricks of your own.
Here are 5 tactics to try that can help enhance your fishing trip by helping you get more bites:
1. Give trolling a try when fishing during the summer. This technique has been proven over and over again for many different species. However, it is undeniably one of the best choices for striped bass especially when fishing in the summer. Trolling allows you to cover a large area in a very short amount of time. Since you’re fishing with several rods at once, you can use a variety of baits at the same time to find out which one gets the most action.
2. Use live bait to fish for this species. You should also match the baitfish found in the area naturally for the best results. Some of the most popular baits used are eels, herring, sardines, shrimp and worms.
3. Go fishing at night if possible. If not, go early in the morning. These are the best times to seek out this species because this is when they are the most active and aggressively feeding. This is a smart species so when you’re fishing at night, don’t shine any type of light into the water or they will avoid the area unlike other species that are attracted by the light.
4. Give bottom fishing a try. Bottom fishing can be very productive because this is where the striped bass will be located most of the time. This tactic allows you to bounce your bait off the bottom and this gets lots of attention.
5. Use the bottom rig to fish striped bass. The bottom rig is one of the best options but you can try different types of rigs to see what kind of results you get. Sometimes, using rigs will entice this species to strike when other tactics are not working.
These tactics are proven to work very well for this species. Choose the one that suits you the best for the time and place you go fishing. Sometimes, bottom fishing will be more productive and other times, you can get more results when using rigs or trolling. It just depends on when and where you’re fishing. Everything plays a part in how the striped bass responds to your bait and the tactics that you use, including the weather.
You may need to do a little experimenting to learn which ones work the best in your area. Do some research and learn as much about the striped bass as you can. Learning all you can about this species will help you determine which tactics work the best for them in your area.
Striped bass move around a lot as the temperature of the water changes. If the water is hot, they will move to deeper areas to stay cool. When the water is cool, they’ll move closer to the surface and this makes them a lot easier to find. Striped bass can see very well so if you choose to use artificial bait, make sure you choose something that looks realistic or they’ll avoid it.
Make sure you present your bait in a realistic manner and don’t allow the hook to stick through the bait. If you do, the fish can see it and they will not take it. Fishing for striped bass is fun and challenging but it does require lots of patience so don’t get in a hurry. When you hook one, it will be more than worth the time and effort you put into the fishing trip.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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