Best Places for Striped Bass Fishing in Rhode Island

Stamford by the Cows is another great area to fish. There are striped bass caught in this are as large as thirty-eight inches long. You can use chunks of mackerel for attracting the stripers. You will see that this area seems to have large schools of striped bass. At some times, the schools are so large that you will have problem not catching a striped bass if you are looking for something else. In this area, you can fish with a kayak and have the best results.

Ram Island Reef has a good deal of striped bass swimming around. This area is south of Fishers Island and has become a good place for anglers looking for striped bass. The anglers use a night crawler and a tube to bait the striped bass. You will find a large school of bass in this area and there is no need to have anything special to get your catch for the day.

When you want to catch some nice sized striped bass, you want to fish somewhere that has a reputation for nice sized bass. These are the most popular places, but there are so many areas where the striped bass fishing is the best. It seems that Rhode Island is the best place to be if you are looking for some daily catches and some tasty fish.

You do not need to have much for bait as well. It seems that bluefish, eel and night crawlers will work just as well as a bucktail. You can drift or troll as well as vertical drop. If you find a school of striped bass, it may be so large that you will not have any problems finding the right area to fish. In some cases, you may see the schools from the top of the water, which makes it even easier to locate the fish without using a fish locator or even needing to take one along.

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