How and Where to go Bass Fishing in Northern Carolina

High Rock Lake is one of the best North Carolina bass fishing lakes for a visit during the summer. No matter how high the temperatures are, High Rock Lake can really help to boost your catch rate because the bass will usually be active regardless. High Rock Lake is not so good for bass fishing action during spring, fall or winter but it is arguably the best in state during the summer as a result of the bass activity and level of biting no matter what the weather.

Fishing in the shallows is also excellent there because the bass will happily swim around the shallows during the early morning and bite just as much as they would in the deeper waters off the shore. Whatever you do though do not fish more than 15 feet deep because you will not catch any bass at that depth. Try the drop offs and points just off the banks because bass seem to love them as well!

Jordan Lake is well known for the size of its healthy population of bass. You can easily find largemouth bass over 12lbs there, although they are not quite as active at the height of summer. In fact, Jordan Lake is better in late spring and early summer. It is a fantastic lake for bass fishing because it has so many areas of cover. There are humps, outcrops and all sorts of other cover without having too much grass. You can also fish that little bit deeper there, up to around 18 feet before you will find that nothing with bite. As such, there is something for everyone there!

Kerr Lake is similar to Jordan Lake in that they both have excellent off shore structures there that you can take advantage of to catch bass. The top water is fantastic at Kerr Lake though and many people prefer fishing there to the smaller creeks, which feature clouded water. Aside from the choice of where to fish, Kerr Lake is much the same as the other two North Carolina summer lakes so the choice of any one of them should appeal to all bass fishing enthusiasts!

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