Where to go Bass Fishing in South Carolina

Lake Thurmond – Lake Thurmond is the largest lake in South Carolina. With an area of 70,535 acres, it can provide you with excellent largemouth bass fishing action all year round. Although the bass are currently quite small as a result of restocking, you can enjoy high catch rates and excellent overall action here if weight does not really matter to you. It is worth bearing in mind that Lake Thurmond also has some shoreline in Georgia but the Carolina side is often a little better as a direct result of the level of hydrilla and excellent topwater fishing in the spring.

Lake Murray – Lake Murray was closed for a couple of years just after the turn of the Millennium as a result of plans to maintain the dam and this is arguably the best thing to have happened to Lake Murray in terms of its bass action for a while. The water nutrients are at optimum level now with fantastic levels of vegetation on the banks and a healthy population of bass as well. This means some excellent bass fishing action for you! The largemouth bass are plentiful there now and really quite large so you can have a fruitful day on Lake Murray as and when you like.

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