Alabama Bass Fishing: The Hotspots And The Hot Tips

Although Pickwick Lake does sprawl into Tennessee and Mississippi, the best bass action is in the 75 that lies in Alabama so be sure to stay that side of the state lines. The fishing is relatively good all year round, but again the best time to visit is in the spring, particularly the first two weeks in March. At that time, you might not have to do any work to catch the bass, especially if the dam is producing hydropower on the day of your bass fishing trip.

When the hydropower is on, the current in the lake is fantastic for catching bass. They apparently love it and will happily bite any and all lures that you would want to use! Try the ledges in these conditions and use a spinnerbait or plastic grub for the best possible action.

Aliceville Lake

Aliceville Lake is perfect for largemouth bass fishing and is easily one of the best lakes in the state of Alabama. However, it never gets the credit it deserves because at also encroaches onto Mississippi land and this is where the hauls from many of the bass fishing tournaments that take place here are weighed. Although the lake is over 8,000 acres in area, most of it is indeed in Mississippi. However, it is the Alabama side that is heavily populated with largemouth bass and provides the best bass fishing!

Although Aliceville Lake was affected by a virus that killed off many of the bass around a decade ago, it has now fully recovered and provides a high quality fishing experience for beginners and experts alike! Some even weigh up to 32lbs, which is truly amazing in such a short time. Try the flats if you want to enjoy your day and pick up plenty of action! A spinnerbait is also good here but you might want to try a buzzbait. Both have achieved great successes here and could help you to do the same!

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