Bass Fishing in Georgia

Techniques that Work the Best in Georgia

Bass fishing in Georgia is very popular and there are several techniques that seem to work the best in these waters. For instance, in the summertime the bass will swim deep into channels where the water is cooler. When this happens you will normally get the best results when fishing with jigs and crankbait.

During the late spring and fall you will get some amazing results with lizards, worms and spinnerbaits. If you use these near ledges, grassy areas and around drop-offs you are sure to reel in the bass. When fishing for shoal bass you will find that natural bait such as crayfish, worms and crickets work great. Surface lures and spinning gear also work very well when bass fishing in Georgia.

When fishing for bass around brush piles it is recommended that you give the Texas rig a try. You do however, need to be aware of any movement that affects your line or you may miss the bite. The bite of a bass can be very delicate and if you are not paying close attention it is possible to overlook it. You will find that bass can put up quite a struggle once you have set the hook so don’t let their soft bite fool you. They can become very aggressive as you start to reel them in.

Flyfishing is becoming more and more popular for bass fishing anglers in Georgia. Usually a fly rod weighing 5 or 6 pounds is recommended along with clouser minnows and zonkers for the best results. One rule to follow that can help you locate the bass is to look for schools of baitfish gathering together on the top of the water and most likely there will be a group of bass underneath. Good luck and have fun bass fishing in Georgia!

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