Bass Fishing Secrets

Habits of the Bass

It is important to know the habits of the bass if you want to be successful when you go out on your fishing trips. For example, the bass begin spawning in the spring and this is the time of year when they feed the most aggressively. Bass also follow a certain pattern during different times of the year. Find out what these patterns are and you will be able to find their location faster and easier.

The smallmouth bass seem to prefer calm and clear waters but they do seek out areas with rocky or gravel bottoms. They like gentle streams with deep pools and lots of shade with vegetation and weed beds. The spotted bass prefer the clear non-flowing water where the food source is plentiful and there are a lot of structures for cover. They can be found in rivers, reservoirs, upper estuaries and ponds. Normally, they are located about 20 feet deep and in waters ranging around 75 degrees.

Where and When to Fish for Bass

Where to go fishing for bass to achieve the best results is one more secret that experienced anglers use to reel in the bass. After all, you can’t catch the fish if you don’t know where they are. All bass can be found around structures such as docks, rocks, sunken trees, brush and grassy areas.

The largemouth bass can be found in rivers and lakes. They hide out under foliage, near shorelines and around structures. Fall is usually the best time to catch the largemouth bass but actually, you can fish for bass anytime of the year. However, they are believed to be the most active during the spawning season. Late evening and early morning is the best time to fish for bass.

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