Ohio Bass Fishing Secrets

Salt Fork Reservoir Classes as excellent for largemouth bass fishing by the Ohio Division of Wildlife, the Salt Fork Reservoir guarantees excellent bass fishing action all year round. The facilities are not bad either, with luxury cabins and marinas, amongst other facilities, in the immediate vicinity! There are also smallmouth bass here so you can find a great spot no matter what your preference. The lake itself is 2,952 acres in area and has simply breathtaking views so you can truly relax and enjoy the fishing Columbus has to offer here.

Lake Snowdon  This Lake is slightly out of the way because it is 80 miles to the south of the city. However, it is one of the best around so it is worth the trip along Route 50. There is a slot limit there but that has enabled the largemouth bass population to flourish at Lake Snowdon, which in turn has resulted in an excellent fishing experience for bass fishing enthusiasts of all levels. The lake goes to a depth of around 40 feet deep but there is plenty of action regardless.

Dillon Lake  Finally, Dillon Lake is also a haven for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass alike. Even better, the lake is full of prime spots to fish from so you can take your time choosing- there is no wrong decision to make! You can fish to depths of 13 feet in some places right down to 30 plus feet in others so you can tailor your fishing experience here to your own wants and needs rather than getting what you are given!

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