San Diego Bass Fishing

The Chollas Lake is a very unique lake because it is a great place for children under fifteen to go. In fact, the only fishermen that are allowed here are the ones fifteen years old and younger. They even offer day camps and fishing clinics for these children making it a great place for all young anglers to learn about bass fishing.

How to Catch Freshwater Bass in San Diego

Fishing for freshwater bass in San Diego is not any different than anywhere else in the nation. All the basic techniques work well in these waters and the bass will be attracted to the same bait as they would anywhere else. All bass are aggressive feeders and will basically try to eat anything they can get in their mouth. This is great news for the angler because it means they should have good luck with any bait they decide to use.

Bass are territorial so if you invade their space with a line and bait they will most likely go after it, even if they are not actively feeding at the time. Some of the most common baits used that usually get the best results are crankbait, buzzbait, worms, topwater lures, spoons, jigs spinnerbaits and shad.

Casting, jigging and flipping and pitching are three methods that work well when bass fishing in San Diego. Of course, if you enlist the help of a charter service to take you out on the waters, they will be able to tell you which methods work the best for each area that you visit. Providing this type of information is part of their job and the reason so many visitors prefer to use guides and charter services to help them get the most from each and every one of their adventures.

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