South Carolina Bass Fishing

Lake Marion is a well-known quality fishery that bass fishermen can really enjoy. When it comes to largemouth bass it is a prime spot to go after that trophy fish. The water that flows through this lake is warm and shallow making it a great habitat for the bass to grow in number and in size.

How to Catch the Most Bass in South Carolina

When fishing in South Carolina the lakes and rivers are so full of bass that almost any method will work but here are a few suggestions to help you get started. Look for the bass around rocks, weeds, docks, coves, stumps, logs and under bridge pilings. Fishing the shallow water will usually prove to be rather productive as well because this is where many of the bass will be located especially during the spawning season.

The smallmouth bass seem to be attracted to spinner lures that are bright and shinny. Crankbaits, plastic worms and bottom bumpers are also recommended along with using light tackle for the best results. The largemouth bass are drawn to spinnerbaits, crankbaits, topwater lures and buzzbaits.

Always use caution and common sense when going out on any river or lake to help ensure your safety at all times. Bass fishing is a lot of fun and can be very exciting as long as you stay safe and follow the rules and regulations of the state. If you are not familiar with the regulations surrounding bass fishing in

South Carolina it is suggested that you familiarize yourself with these before you go out fishing on any of the lakes and rivers.

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