What is the Best Bass Fishing Lure?

The Buzzbait – The buzzbait is a lesser used lure but one that is an absolute must in any tackle box. This is because it behaves exactly like the bass’s prey would and so it is an immediate attraction. However, it is one of the better lures for winter because it tends to draw the bass out of their winter hiding places!

All of the above are excellent bass fishing lures but the question as to which is the best is still up for debate. All are fantastic in different situations and at different times but there is no set formula as to how to catch bass so you absolutely have to try everything you can. You have to get used to using several lures. Find a favourite but then do not be afraid to use others if your catch rate needs a bit of a boost.

There are other lures that you may also want to look into. Although they do not make the above list that is not to say that they are poor and do not deserve a mention. In fact, some are best used in deeper waters if you do find that bass sink below usual depths in your area. Take the jigs and spoons for example. Both can be used to great effect but you have to be practiced with them if you want to achieve a measure of success. Try all of them nd see just how far you can get!

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