5 Secrets for Pond Bass Fishing

Bass Bait on Ponds
Ponds are a great place for using live baits. Because of the way ponds are formed and how still the water is, it’s a perfect place for breading insects. These will be what most of the bass in the water feed on. Finding out what types of insects, small fish and worms are in the area will help you better determine what kind of live bait to use. Most of the time you can find plenty of bait at the location itself and don’t have to worry about bring a whole lot with you.

Fishing Line
When choosing to fish in a pond you have to accept certain things about the area. Ponds are usually dirty and full of structures. Things like vegetation, dead wood, trash and other debris will be lurking around many ponds. Even man-made ponds don’t stay completely kept up. Making sure you have the right fishing line for the place you’re fishing will come in handy. Lighter lines will snap easier on obstacles while heavier line may get tangled more easily.

Choosing a line that’s somewhere in-between will help you to avoid some of these problems.

Techniques for Fishing in Ponds
Fishing on the top of the water is going to be one of the best ways to catch bass when it comes to fishing in a pond. Since many insects in ponds sit on the top of the water, bass will be more used to come to the surface to get their food. Ponds are shallower and normally deep water fishing isn’t common. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, since pond depths will vary. Fishing at medium depth or on top of the water will be your best choices.

Knowing the Area
If you can, get a map of the area you’re going to go fishing in. Knowing what structures are present will help you to best determine where you can find bass.

If you’ve never been to where you’re going then simply observe the area when you get there. See what types of natural baitfish are in the waters and check to see if you can find good bass hiding spots.

All of these tips will help you to better fish in ponds. These five tips to bass fishing in ponds will make for a more enjoyable experience when you take your next trip out. Anglers of all ages can benefit from knowing more about pond fishing. It’s time you step into pond fishing with an increased chance of successfully fishing bigger bass.

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