Five Secrets for Bass Fishing in Mexico

Reading the Location
Being well aware of your surrounding location will help you to determine what types of bait and other equipment you’ll need. Natural structures and man-made structures are great spots for finding bass. They love to sit and wait for their prey and jump out at them. This is why choosing the right type of bait is important. Topwater plugs are great for areas that have a lot of obstructions. You don’t want to use deep water bait that will get tangled on underwater structures.

Most bass feed on small fish, insects, worms and crayfish but depending on the area you’re in will depend on what bait you’re using. This is especially important when fishing with live bait. If you see a lot of minnows in the water, chances are that the bass in the area have been feeding on these for some time.

Try using one of these to get the bass more comfortable with the bait.
Time of Day and Season
Choosing the right time of day could mean the difference between success and failure. Most bass don’t like the light of mid-day and are much more active early in the morning and late in the evening. This doesn’t mean that you won’t catch anything during the middle of the afternoon. If it’s overcast or very windy you have a much better chance of catching fish. The wind will blow over the water blocking out the sun more.

It’s also important to note that when the water begins to cool off in the winter time you may have an easier time catching fish. Since food supplies will be more limited in the cooler environment, bass are more likely to bite onto anything they can find. Spring months are also good since this is when there are more bass than normal. Mating seasons really help bring out more bass.

Other Equipment Preparations
When you decide to go on your fishing trip to Mexico you need to pack the proper gear. Poles and bait are great but if you intend on keeping the fish you’re going to need to clean and pack them. Make sure that you have all the proper items in your tackle before you head out. Bring plenty of line, both heavy and light, and extra hooks.

All of these things will increase your chances of success and ultimately make the experience much more enjoyable. Follow these five secrets for bass fishing in Mexico and you’ll have a great time. Bass fishing is one of the most popular water sports and grows with each year. These types of fish make for a great experience, get the most out of it by being prepared.

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