A Guide To Menomonie River Bass Fishing

Best Equipment and Baits to Use

When fishing for bass on the Menomonie River your equipment is very important. Normally, a medium to light action graphite rod about six or seven foot in length works very well. Of course, if you are an experienced angler you may already have found what works best for you when fishing in this type of environment.

It is recommended that you use ten to twenty pound braided test line when fishing in the Menomonie River. This type is better for fishing around structures because it is stronger and won’t break as easily. It also makes it easier to reel the bass in when they are hiding under the cover of brush piles, weeds and so forth.

The type of lures that you use will mainly depend on the weather conditions and flow of the water when you are actually out fishing. Top water lures, jigs, spinner bait, crank baits and slow sinking lures usually work very well in most any condition. Streamers and spinners have been known to work well for catching bass when fishing in the rough areas of this river. It is also a good idea to use bait that looks like natural food whenever possible such as shad or minnows.

Anytime you go fishing on the Menomonie River use caution. The river can be a dangerous place if you are not familiar with the currents and other obstacles that can cause accidents. It is recommended that you hire a guide if it is your first time fishing the Menomonie River. If you prefer to go it alone you can do some research and pick up a map of the river before going out. It is also suggested that you wear a life vest even if you are a good swimmer. Take a partner with you and always let someone know where you will be at all times.

Safety should always be your number one priority.

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