Potomac River Bass Fishing

Some of the best bass fishing baits to use when fishing for bass on the Potomac River includes minnows, spoons, crankbaits and jerkbaits. There are several different techniques that have been proven to work very well here such as trolling, which has proven to be very successful.

One of the most obvious places to search for bass would be around the structures, in holes, drop offs, under bridges and so forth. Anywhere there is sufficient cover you will most likely find the bass. This is partly due to the fact that they like to ambush they prey and take them by surprise.

Many anglers use live bait or chum to fish for the bass in this river. This will draw them in your direction instead of you having to search so hard for them. Many times when the tide begins to change the baitfish will get caught up on sandbars and the stripper will be closing in to get their fill. You can move in on them during this time with a lot of success. Normally, an excellent time to fish the Potomac is a couple hours before and right after high tide comes in.

When fishing the deeper water for bass make sure that you use weights to help you reach the depths where the bass are located. This is the only way to get down into the holes where they are hiding out. The more you learn about the Potomac River and the amazing options available here, the more you will see why it is considered one of the best bass fishing areas on the east coast. If you have never been here before, make plans to visit so you to can get in on some of the action.

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