Best Bodies of Water for Largemouth Bass in Indiana

Fishing on the St Joseph River is impressive to say the least. However, it is for smallmouth bass. You can use a blade bait on the channels when the water temperature starts nearing the forty degree temperature. As the temperature rises, you will move to the murkier waters where the bass have migrated too. Try fishing behind the rocks and logs with eddies.

Patoka Lake has some nice size largemouth bass. You can fish for crappies and end up catching a largemouth. This are is considered a very popular place for bass fishing. You could also fish the West Boggs Lake, Dogwood Lake and the Monroe Reservoir. Monroe waters are just south of Bloomington and has some trophy size bass. The reservoir is huge and provides for many different hot spots for bass fishing. There are many weed beds and underwater logs and rocks to find the baitfish and the bass.

Patoka Lake has a lot of timber and flooded areas and the bass are plentiful. The fishing has been so good lately, that more tournaments are being held on this lake. It is not unusual to catch an eight-pound fish. If you go up towards the Patoka River, you will find some nice size bass. The water temperatures are about ten degrees warmer and the bass like those temperatures better. You can fish near the shores where the fallen timber and standing trees are located as well as heavy vegetation.

There are more areas in Indiana that produce some nice size bass, but to list them all would take a long time. The area is filled with lakes and rivers for largemouth bass fishing and even some smallmouth bass fishing. You can use different bait and kures for the different areas. The on thing you might have noticed is that every area seems to have the need for a different type of lure. This is unusual, but not all that strange because of the different water conditions. If you are not catching anything, try using a different presentation and you should have some better luck.

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