Where are Some Good Places to Catch Bass in Alabama?

When fishing for bass in water that is clear and deep doodling is recommended. This is a simple technique that requires you to dangle the plastic worm in the water where the bass is suspended and simply shaking the tip of the line occasionally to get the attention of the bass. Casting is another great technique used for bass fishing in Alabama. You can use either one of the three methods for casting which is the overhand cast, underhand cast or the sidearm cast. Just remember to use your wrist when casting instead of your arm. Flipping and pitching is another technique that works great when Alabama bass fishing. Flipping is used when you need to pinpoint the spot where the lure needs to go. To reach targets up to thirty feet away pitching is used. Always use your wrist instead of your arm and focus your concentrating on the spot you want your lure to hit. Use spinnerbaits, crankbaits, spoons, buzzbait, jigs and plastic worms when bass fishing in Alabama for the best results. Wheeler Lake has a lot of grass cover and so using crankbait or buzzbait is recommended for the best results. A fish finder will help you locate the schools of bass under the grass and brush piles so you don�t have to spend as much time searching for the fish instead of catching them. Wilson Lake is full of shad that draws the bass toward them, look for the shad and you will find the bass. Worms, crankbait and topwater lures works great when fishing in this lake. There are many locations that drop off to depths as deep as 40 feet in the DeKalb County Lake. There are also many deep banks, coves and water willows that provide cover for the bass. This type of environment is perfect for fishing with spinnerbait and for using the flipping and pitching technique with plastic worms and jigs. This lake also has points where plastic worms and crankbaits work really well. Alabama is well-known for having some of the best bass fishing around. Don�t miss the opportunity to fish any one of these great lakes when visiting the state. Here you will have the chance to catch that big one while fishing in some of the most beautiful country in the Nation.

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