Arkansas bass fishing tournaments

There are some really spectacular bass fishing tournaments that take place in the state of Arkansas. If you live in this region then you should be finding out about them so you can attend. You may want to travel to this area so that you can participate in some of them as well. The internet is a vast resource for you to use from any location where you live. You can get information about the types of bass fishing tournaments in Arkansas, when they will take place, entry fees, how to enter, and even what types of prizes are going to be awarded.
It is a good idea to get on the mailing list for various events too. This should include physical mailings as well as email information. This will ensure that you get updates routinely about the different bass fishing tournaments in Arkansas that are coming up. You won’t want to miss out on them just because you didn’t go looking for information. The more that information comes to you, the easier it is for you to get it all scheduled.

The Arkansas BASS Federation sponsors several bass fishing tournaments every single year. Some of them are only for local clubs and others are for anyone to take part in. Some of them require you to win lower level tournaments to gain entry into the higher up ones. Every October they host a two day state champion’s tournament. This takes place as the Lake Hamilton Hot Springs.

They also host a two day event in April of each year called the ARKIE Cup Tournament. You can find out the rules and how to enter on their website. These are some of the best bass fishing events around so you don’t want to miss out on being a part of them! You will also find plenty of great fishermen there that you can meet and that makes these tournaments even more special.

The Arkansas BASS Federation realizes the value of getting children involved with fishing at an early age. They offer some great tournaments for them as well. They offer two age groups – 7 to 10 and 11 to 14. Every June they host what is considered to be the largest fishing tournament for children with some great prices and lots of fun to be shared by every child that participates. This is a great opportunity for children to learn more about bass fishing and to really be a big part of a unique event just for them.

Each year in February there is a bass fishing tournament at the Lake Greers Ferry, Devils Fork ramp area. This is open to the public and it is a fundraiser for the Central Arkansas Travelers Benefit. This is a traveling youth baseball team in the area. The entry fee is only $20 per person and the day is going to be amazing.

There are a couple of boat only bass fishing tournaments in Arkansas that occur every year too along the Arkansas River. One of them is in March at the Pine Bluff Regional Park. It is open to the public and the cost is $110 per boat. In June there is another one that takes place at the Verizon Ramp which is also open to the public. It is a two day event, and the entry fee is $80 for one day or $140 for both days per person.

The biggest event of all though takes place every October. It is the Mr. Bass of Arkansas tournament. There are divisions for both pros and amateurs. You have to be invited to this particular event, and it is limited to 150 anglers. You get invited by winning smaller tournaments throughout the year in Arkansas. The Mr. Bass of Arkansas is a three day event.

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