Arkansas Bass Fishing

In the Hot Springs area, you’ll find great Arkansas bass fishing at Lake Hamilton on the Ouachita River. Whites will congregate at Little Mazarn, Big Mazarn, Kelly, and Hot Springs Creeks, where there are basins in which to rest. Here, the waters don’t warm as early, and spawning usually sends the white bass up river in mid April. One of the plusses here is the opportunity to fish from shore and take home your daily limit.

Other popular lakes for Arkansas bass fishing include the 40,000 acre Corps of Engineers Lake Ouachita, Lake Maumelle’s 8,900 acres owned by Little Rock Waterworks, another Corps impoundment in the form of 7,260 acre Lake Greeson, Degray Lake northwest of Arkadelphia at 13,400 acres, and Lake Dardanelle, constructed as a 35,000 acre watering hole by the Corps in the 1960’s.

As you can see, there is no lack of places to go Arkansas bass fishing. With so many places to choose from, you are sure to have a favorite that steals you away for a few hours every weekend to try your hand at catching some large bass in these and the many other locations that you’ll discover as you continue your hobby.

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