All about bass bait jigs

After choosing the right size, you need to know how to retrieve the jig correctly. Don’t get in a hurry when retrieving a jig and allow it to sink to the bottom before you start the retrieval process. If you cast into a location where you fully believe there are bass, you can even let it set for a minute or two before starting a retrieval. The bass will often grab it where it lays.

After a few minutes you can begin reeling it in very slowly and this will help to entice the bass to strike. Nevertheless, it’s important to know that the majority of the bites will occur as the jig is falling to the bottom when it’s first cast. You can also entice the bass to strike once in awhile simply by jiggling the tip of the rod a little to get the lure to go up and down in the water. If you’re not getting the results that you were hoping for using bass jigs, try slowing down your retrieval.

To use a jig correctly you need to learn what it feels like to get a bite. If the bass picks up on the bait it’s going to feel lighter and you’ll know you probably have a bite. Your line can also feel like it got hung up, sluggish or there may be a gentle pull on it. When you feel any of these things or simply something strange, you need to set your hook.

Basic Information about Jigs
The jig can be used exactly the way it is when you buy it or you can add things to the jig to make it even more productive. They make special trailers just for jigs. The most popular is the “pork ring trailer” that is designed in the shape of a frog or eel. You can even find plastic crawfish that have been designed for jig trailers. All of these work very well when it comes to attracting the bass.

The last main thing that you need to know about bass bait jigs is that they come in a wide variety of colors. You’ll need a different color jig when fishing in dark or murky water than what you would use when fishing in clear water on a sunny day. However, the color that you need to use will depend on how deep you’re fishing.

The different depths will distort the color of the jig and it will look different the further it goes down. Therefore, you need to take this into consideration when choosing color. It would be best to have a variety of different colors on hand and try different ones until you find what the bass is attracted to the most. Now you have enough information to take full advantage of fishing with bass bait jigs. Good luck!

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