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Should I use the same bass fishing techniques I use here in the U.S. up in Canada?

There is certainly no different in the behavior of Largemouth Bass in the United States as opposed to Canada. The difference in their behavior is more related to the conditions of the water than the zip code. If you are a resident of one of our southern states then yes you should probably change your approach a great deal. The reason for your change is not because you are going to Canada but rather your switch from a warmer weather climate to a colder one. You would like need to make the same change if you are fishing in the northeast or in one of the upper Midwestern states as well. You will find that bass in Canada are not as active as those in the warmer water. They tend to hold much tighter to cover and will not chase a fast moving lure with the same zeal as a warmer water member of the species. When fishing in Canada I like to find a shoreline that has cover and also access to deeper water. Remember one other big difference between Largemouth Bass in the southern United States and those in Canada, predation. In a state like Florida the Largemouth bass is normally the top of the food chain and does not need to worry about predation. If that same fish was in a lake in Canada it would face predation from Muskies and large Northern Pike. As a result these fish will hold tighter to cover and require a more accurate presentation to catch them in large numbers.

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