Bass Fishing Boats

With over seventy different bass fishing boat brands being considered, customer satisfaction was measured in eight categories. The categories rated among bass fishing boats were: quality & reliability; ride & handling; design & style; fishing ability; and value for the money.

The Skeeter and the Triton both come in at an overall 4/5, though the Skeeter seems to be a more preferred boat overall. Again, the price of these bass fishing boats seems to come out as a problem, with the Skeeter being ranked 3/5 in this category. All other categories come out as a 4/5, so this is a well rounded boat for bass fishing, if the price tag isn’t too high. The Triton is ranked a full 5/5 on conduciveness for bass fishing, and received 4/5 points on design and style. However, all other categories come down to a 3/5, meaning the boat doesn’t really stand out in a crowd for handling, quality, or reliability. However, for among bass fishing boats, it’s well equipped if you, again, can handle the price.

The Stratos received 3/5 points in every category, making it an “okay” boat but not one that stood out among the best bass fishing boats, and the Nitro and ProCraft were rated with 2/5 points overall, placing them among “the rest”, not really a good value for the price. In fact, these two were the only ones to make the list of the top seven bass fishing boats rated as a mere 2/5 in this category.

As you can see, the Bass Cat is number one for a reason, offering quality at affordable prices, making it a great purchase, and the Ranger is a great backup if you are looking for a little less flash and pizzazz.

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