Bass Fishing In Houston, Texas

is there any great bass fishing lakes near houston texas

Texas is a great part of the United States for bass fishing, and indeed it may well be one of the best areas for it in the world. The bass are abundant, as long as you know where to go! There are actually plenty of great bass fishing lakes in and around Hoston, Texas that wou may want to look at. Some of them are even all year round lakes so you do not have to give up your hobby during the winter months! The first great place for bass fishing is Fayette Lake, which is located just of Highway 71 between Houston and Austin. This lake is one of the best for all year round fishing because it features a power plant that heats the lake in the winter months so the bass do not reduce movement and there are still many catches to be had. The lake itself is beautiful and perfect for a peaceful relaxing trip. However, if you have never been there before then there are plenty of boat hire places and guides available to get you started! Lake Houston is another area that is perfect for bass fishing. It is located just 15 miles to the northeast of the city. The fishing for largemouth bass is fair there with the population not being as abundant as it once was. However, fishing for white bass is good so you stand a better chance of getting a bite from a white! There is very little in the way of vegetative cover there as well to make your life easier!

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