Bass Fishing in Ontario – best places, gear, tips

Bass fishing in Ontario is some of the best you’ll find anywhere and you’ll have the opportunity to catch some rather large ones. Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the world because it’s something that anyone can enjoy. It’s one of the best ways to relax in the sun with family and friends. It’s an exciting and fun way to spend time together and Ontario has a lot to offer.
When it comes to scenery, you’ll find this to be one of the most beautiful places in the world to fish. Its peaceful surroundings add to the thrill of bass fishing, which is why so many anglers travel to the area every year just to fish.
There are many excellent places to go bass fishing in Ontario but here are some of the best-known lakes found here where the bass are known to be plentiful:
* Lake Erie
* Lake Ontario
* Lake Scugog
* Lake Superior
* Lake Sturgeon
* Lake Nippissing
* Lake Buckhorn
* Lake Simcoe
* Lake Muskoka
These are only a few of the lakes where the bass are plentiful and they can also be found in rivers, streams and other smaller bodies of water located all through Ontario. Different types of bass can be found here but the two most popular ones sought out are the smallmouth and the largemouth bass. These are the most plentiful and both of them will put up a real challenge.
Bass Fishing Gear
You don’t have to be an expert to reel in bass and don’t need any special gear to catch them. However, choosing good quality gear is recommended because bass can put up a major struggle and you don’t want to lose your catch due to faulty equipment. Generally, a medium action rod will work great for this species. These give you more casting control plus the power you need to reel them in when you do get a bite.
When it comes to lures, you have a wide selection to choose from that range in a variety of sizes and colors. If you know which type of bass you want to catch this will help you narrow down the options a bit because you’ll choose something designed to attract the specific bass you’re seeking out. Some lures such as crankbaits, topwater lures, spinners and soft plastics will work well for all types of bass. Just make sure you match the size of the lure to the size fish you’re trying to catch.
If you’re a beginner, then a spinning reel is a great choice. These are the easier to learn how to use. Once you gain some experience you can give baitcasting reels a try. Many anglers prefer these because they are easier to control once you get the hang of it but learning how to use them can be more difficult.
The main thing that you need to remember when choosing bass fishing gear is to match everything together. For example, don’t use heavyweight fishing line on a lightweight fishing rod and so forth. Everything needs to be matched by weight based on the size bass you’re trying to catch.
Bass Fishing Tips for Ontario
When you’re visiting Ontario you can benefit from a few tips passed along from the locals. These will help you prepare for your fishing trip so you can get off to a great start.
One of the first things that you need to do when fishing in Ontario is learn the area where you plan to fish. This will make a big difference in the amount of success you have. You’ll be able to find the fish faster when you learn where the natural and man-made structures are located.
When the bass season opens in Ontario, the pre-spawning season begins. Look for them in weed beds, submerged logs and other structures found near the shore. This is where the bass will be looking for a place to spawn. Buzz baits, plastic worms, lizards and spinner baits are good choices to use this time of year.
In the summer, topwater baits and plastic worms work great for the big bass. During the day, look for them in shady areas but fish late evenings for the best results. When fall rolls around, you’ll need to move out to deeper waters and give crankbaits and spinnerbaits a try.
Get prepared before you go fishing. Check your gear and make sure your tackle box is well stocked and organized. Having your tackle box in order will make finding what you need a lot easier so you don’t have to waste time trying to find something you need.
If you want to be a successful bass angler, you need to practice patience. Sometimes, they will bite constantly but other times, they can be very finicky. It’s also a good idea to take along a wide variety of lures so you can try different things until you find something that will entice a strike.

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