Bass lures

Why are there so many different lures?

There needs to be a variety of different lure choices to cover all the different patterns a Largemouth Bass will follow over the year. These lures all work well under different circumstances. Lures like topwater baits, spinnerbaits and buzz baits work best in shallow water. Crankbaits, jigs and plastic worms work better as the water gets deeper. Some lures work well to catch a large amount of fish while others are designed to pull in a large trophy bass. More than the water depth goes into the decision concerning lure choice. The activity level of the fish is another prime concern. Take deep water Largemouth Bass in early summer for instance. At this time of year these fish are often jumping back and forth between an active and inactive phase. When they are active a fast moving offering is preferred. I would always use a crankbait to catch these bass; it is a fast moving lure that an active Largemouth Bass will often gladly slam into. If you use a slow moving plastic worm you will be less likely to catch the same fish. Now let’s twist the above scenario to an unusually period of hot weather in the same early summer time period. The Largemouth Bass are now primarily inactive due to the weather. Casting that same crankbait that worked before will be useless as the inactive fish will not chase. You need in this situation to switch to a slower offering such as a plastic worm or jig and pig combination.

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