Bass Fishing Techniques – The Most Popular

Deep water Largemouth Bass fishing using a technique that offers its own rewards. When fishing deep water you often are targeting Largemouth Bas that are not very worried of predation. They can and will move fast and attack bait with force. The key concept to remember here is to keep your bait near the bottom of the water. The bait of choice in these situations is often the crankbait. Crankbaits come in all different shapes and sizes. Their key distinctive feature is the plastic lip near the eye hole you tie your line onto. This lip determines how deep the bait will run while it is retrieved. You need to select bait than run just above the bottom of the water or just above the piece of cover you are fishing. This is often done by a method of trial and error. It is imperative you carry a wide variety of crankbaits in your box to make this method work for you.

Shallow water bass fishing is another great method of fishing. I define shallow water as two to four feet deep. You can and will catch some very large Largemouth bass is this water. My lure of choice are the spinnerbait and its close cousin the buzzbait. Spinnerbaits are an extremely versatile lure. You can retrieve them fast and use them in a topwater style. My slowing the retrieve you can alter the running depth to whatever is needed to fit the water you are fishing. If you are fishing in heavy weeds or lily pads you can also pitch this lure into the pockets in the weeds. The strands on the skirt of a spinnerbait often entice a bass to attack this lure as it sinks.

Some of the largest bass in Florida are caught by fishing with live bait. The bait of choice is generally the wild shiner. Shiners up to a foot long can be sued to catch Largemouth Bass well over ten pounds. A popular method of fishing in this manner is to hook the bait just under the dorsal fin without any addition weight on the line. It can be free lined or suspend about three to four feet under a bobber. When a strike is noticed you should give it several seconds before setting the hook. The larger the bait you use the more time you should give the bass to sufficiently take the bait before you begin your hook set.

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