Best places in southern California for bass fishing

Southern California is one of the best places in the world to go bass fishing and it’s the home to the smallmouth, largemouth, stripers and spotted bass. Most anywhere you go fishing in Southern California will produce bass but they’re more plentiful in some areas and grow bigger in others. A diverse group of anglers fish for bass because they’re an excellent species for anyone from the weekend angler to the professional.

This aggressive species will strike hard and fight even harder making fishing for bass very exciting. When bass fishing in Southern California you get to enjoy some beautiful weather and scenery, making it even more enjoyable. If you’ve recently moved to the area or if you’re just visiting, you can plan your fishing trip better when you have a few good specific locations in mind.

Places to Bass Fish in Southern California

Regardless of how much experience you have, anyone can use some help in finding the best places to throw your in line. Knowing where to begin your fishing trip will help save you a lot of time trying to decide where to go.

Best places to bass fish in Southern California:
* San Vicente Reservoir – Located in San Diego County you’ll find the San Vicente Reservoir full oflargemouth bass. You’ll find 11 miles of gorgeous shoreline to fish from and if you venture out in a boat, this Reservoir is 190 feet deep and has a surface area of 557 acres. This beautiful reservoir is open all year for fishing but bass fishing is only permitted during certain days in the winter so you’ll need to check on this first.
* Lake Sutherland – Looking deeper into the San Diego Mountain, you’ll find a secluded lake by the name of Lake Sutherland. The submerged trees and protruding rock formation make this lake perfect for bass.
* Diamond Valley Lake – Diamond Valley Lake is a little over four miles long, two miles wide and the deepest parts of the lake measures 260 feet deep. This freshwater lake is the largest body of water in all of Southern California. Although you’ll be able to find different types of bass, you are most likely to see smallmouth and largemouth bass when fishing here.
* Lake Hodges – When largemouth bass is on the agenda, this is where you want to be. Lake Hodges is nationally known for producing some of the largest largemouth bass found anywhere in the US.

These are all good places to fish for bass in Southern California but there are many more. It all depends on which type of bass you want to catch and when you plan to fish but these areas are usually very productive any time you fish.

Tips and Secrets for Bass Fishing in Southern California

Fishing for bass in Southern California could be one of the most exciting trips you’ll ever have especially if you don’t normally fish in the area or are new to bass fishing all together. When you have a few tips and secrets to try out, you’ll have an easier time finding what works best for you and how to reel in those trophies.

When fishing for bass you’ll need a strong rod, quality reel, heavy fishing line and very sharp hooks. Bass will fight hard and they’ll work themselves lose or snap the line into if it’s weak. Check your gear before heading out to make sure everything is in good condition. It’s a good idea to have a checklist to go by so you don’t leave anything important behind. Being prepared will help to make your trip more pleasant and more productive.

Take time to learn about the particular type of bass you’re seeking out. Knowing how the bass normally react in different situations will help you understand them better making them easier to catch. For example, bass are territorial. What this means is that they’ll strike at anything that invades their space regardless of whether or not they are hungry. You can use this to your advantage to entice a strike when fishing is slow.

You can catch bass with both live and artificial bait so the best one to use is really a matter of preference. In fact, if you take a look at all the bass lures available, you’ll notice that there is a larger selection of bass lures than there is for any other species.

Bass are smart fish that will not strike at anything that seems out of place. This means if your hook is sticking out or the bait moves in an odd or unrealistic manner, they will swim away. Practice your presentation and this will help you entice more strikes. Using these tips and visiting some of the best places to find bass in Southern California will help to make your fishing trip more fun and productive.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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