Best Smallmouth Bass Lures to Use

One of the fiercest fighting of all the game and trophy fish is the smallmouth bass. These fish may not get to monster proportions, but you would not know that judging by the fight they put up when they are hooked.There are many different types of foods that they eat and they are considered to be omnivores.This means that there are many bait types that you can introduce to these fish and have luck angling for them.They have been a wide variety of lures created to mimic the look and action of the bait that attracts the smallmouth bass.This is the good news for fishermen but for the novice, it can be difficult to know which ones are effective and which ones simply cost a lot without offering many bites.

The following are some of the best smallmouth bass lures to use:

* Crayfish – Crayfish are a favorite food of the smallmouth bass and in most areas, this is the food that is considered to be on third of the crayfish’s diet.This species of fish is even known to release a chemical that smells like the crayfish in order to attract the crustacean closer for easier eating.So, when considering the lures that you want in your smallmouth arsenal, you want to have a few different sizes and colors of these.They should be fished on the bottom of the water because this is where they typically are located by the bass.Cast out your line and allow the crayfish lure to sink to the bottom and then jig it so that it appears to be walking on the bottom.It is surprising how quickly the bass notice and strike on this particular lure.

* Minnows – The different varieties of minnows are all effective when it comes to fishing for smallmouth bass.They love the chase and respond well to many different lures that act like real minnows when used for fishing.The best way to use this lure is by casting out and reeling it in quickly.You are not leaving this lure in the water longer than a minute or two per cast.Work the minnows in the weeds and around tree stumps where the bass are feeding.The best time for this method is early in the morning or at dusk throughout the night.If the crayfish are not working on the bottom on hot days, then try running your minnows on the bottom of the lake instead.

* Frogs – Smallmouth bass cannot resist a tasty big frog when they are hungry, particularly when they are lounging in the lily pads at the shoreline.The frogs are basking above them and it only takes a quick strike for the bass to have a filling meal that keeps them going for a few hours.There are many frog lures on the market and some are more extravagant than others.You can find inexpensive plastic frogs that look just like the ones found in nature or you can spend a great deal of money on frogs that have the same movement as frogs.To use them effectively, you need to drop them in areas that have a lot of vegetation and if possible, sit them on lily pads and allow them to drop into the water. This mimics the natural movement of the frogs and attracts the attention of the fish.
* Crankbait – Crankbait is a great lure for fishing for any type of bass and they are especially potent when it comes to the smallmouth variety.These need to be used at the bottom of the lake in much the same way that the crawdads are worked.A crankbait is a great bottom lure and mimics the action of many of the insects and crustaceans that the fish naturally feed on.You can add other live baits to the crankbait if you want to add even more possibilities for catching some trophy sized smallmouth.Again, cast out and do not leave the bait sitting for too long.Anything over three minutes is considered too long when it comes to using crankbaits.

Smallmouth bass is one of the most popular species and many fishermen spend their entire life attempting to land a trophy size or larger.Using lures is a popular way to fish for them and they are quite effective when they mimic the natural prey of this fish.Frogs, crayfish and minnows are the most popular life-like lures that can attract the attention of the smallmouth and offers a great many strikes too.The rule of thumb is to use these baits in the most natural way possible in order to get the bass to strike on them.Fishing with them in the same way that the natural prey moves allows the bass to be fooled into thinking that they are getting a great meal instead of striking on your lure.

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