Best Way to Catch Largemouth Bass

River fishing for Largemouth Bass can also be productive and rewarding. It can be done from a boat or in shallow water while wading. As we talked about before the first key is to find backwater areas with slow moving water. You will not find many Largemouth Bass in the fast moving current. They prefer slower moving water. The next thing I look for are ambush points the Bass may be hiding near. River Bass don’t cruise looking for food, they prefer to allow the current to bring food to them. Find a section of weeds or some fallen timber in somewhat deep water and you will find Bass.

It is very beneficial in these situations to let the current work for you. Largemouth Bas sin rivers are typically much more wary than those in lakes. When you find a prime area you should not cast directly at the spot you think may hold fish. Watch the current and make it work for you. I love to cast my bait in a manner that will allow the current to bring it into the target zone. This will not spook the fish and will give you a great natural presentation.

In conclusion my advice is to learn the water you typically fish. Each lake or river has its own tendencies that can only be learned through experience. I have several lakes that I know like the back of my hand. I know when to fish each area and at what times of day each area is more productive. As you branch out to other fishing spots you will be able to apply what you have learned at your home spot to finding the best places to fish more rapidly at any new place you fish.

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