Can I drop shot for bass in shallow water?

Will drop-shotting ever work in shallow water?

Although it was originally designed and is most often used as a deep water technique, drop-shotting can be effective in shallow water with a few simple modifications.  I’ve even used this technique when fishing from the bank or shore.  When using drop-shotting in shallow water, however, you’ve got to think horizontally instead of vertically.  Normally, Bass fishermen will use a Carolina or Texas rig under these circumstances but drop-shotting will actually allow you to keep the bait suspended without any movement.  This is a perfect presentation if you’re fishing the edge of a weedbed and want to hold it there.  You can also keep the bait suspended above the weedline.  With the other rigs, the bait would simply drop to the bottom.  You can actually use drop-shotting in these conditions in place of a Mojo or even a Split-shot rig.  The best place to try this technique in shallow water is going to be a weedline that extends out into deep water, a creek channel or even a break line.  To effectively use drop-shotting, however, you’re going to need to be able to almost point to the spot that the Bass is sitting on.  Keeping in mind that you’re presenting this rig horizontally, you’ll need to work it slowly.  You will want to jiggle the rod slightly to keep the bait wiggling and keep your line taunt.  If you’re familiar with working a Split Shot rig, the technique is virtually the same but much slower.  The key is to make short casts staying within about 25 feet of your boat.  Pull the rig through the target zone and then reel it in and recast. You do not want to fish the rig all the way back to the boat.

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