Where to go and what baits to try when bass fishing Kentucky

One of the favorite sports in Kentucky is bass fishing. It’s a sport that appeals to all types of people in various age groups and gender. Bass are predatory by nature and they can be a very aggressive feeder. Being a territorial creature, they’ll strike at anything that invades their space so they can be enticed to strike even when they’re not hungry.

Another quality of the bass that entices anglers to seek them out is the fact that they’re so agile and will chase after their food when hungry. This makes fishing for them exciting because you never know when you’re going to be in a battle with one of these amazing fish. They will fight hard once hooked and make you work for your catch. The larger the bass, the harder it will fight giving you a workout that you’ll be talking about for some time.

Before going bass fishing in Kentucky, it’s a good idea to decide which type of bass you want to fish. This will make it easy to determine where to go and which methods to use when fishing for the best results. Putting a little time and effort into learning about the bass, their habitat and patterns will pay off and increase the number of bites you get when fishing in Kentucky.

Where to Go Fishing In Kentucky

There are many places where you can go fishing in Kentucky for bass. There are lakes and rivers all through this state where you can reel in the bass while spending a nice relaxing day on the water enjoying nature and the scenery. So no matter where you are or which species of bass you’re seeking out, you can enjoy some excellent bass fishing.

Some of the most popular places to go bass fishing in Kentucky are listed below:
* Kentucky Lake
* Barren River Lake
* Cave Run Lake
* Nolin River Lake
* Dale Hollow Lake
* Rough River Lake
* Lake Cumberland
* Taylorsville Lake
* Yatesville Lake
* Lake Barkley
* Herrington Lake
* Laurel River Lake
* Green River Lake

These are some of the most popular areas that are well-known for having plenty of bass of all sizes. Nevertheless, they can also be found in smaller lakes, rivers, streams and ponds located all through Kentucky. It’s interesting to know that Dale Hollow Lake was the home to the record smallmouth bass and the record largemouth bass came from Wood Creek Lake.

Best Baits to Try When Fishing in Kentucky

Decide which type of bass you want to fish before you head out to the water. This is important because the different types of bass will be attracted to different types of foods. Even though they may bite at any bait you use, targeting a specific type of bass will increase the odds of enticing them to take your bait instead of some other type of bass. Therefore, the bait you need to use when fishing for largemouth bass will be different from what should be used for the white bass.

Sometimes the bass will try to eat anything they can fit into their mouth and other times they make it more difficult. They can be so picky that they won’t strike at anything and this is what makes it difficult to decide which baits to use. However, there are a few things that you can do to be prepared for the times when the bass are refusing to cooperate.

The first thing that you should try when choosing your bait is to pick something that closely resembles the baitfish found naturally in the area. The bass is attracted to all types of baitfish such as smaller fish, minnows, worms, frog, crayfish and a variety of insects. Many anglers prefer to catch their live bait from the body of water from which they’re fishing because this will normally be very effective but you can use other live bait as long as you keep it fresh.

Using live bait is not for everyone so if you prefer to use artificial bait, you have a large selection to choose from. In fact, there are more bass lures available than for any other species. When using lures some of your best options include the soft plastic bait designed to look like and imitate the movement of live bait such as minnows and worms. Some of your other options include spoons, jigs, crankbait, spinnerbait, top water lures, tail spinners and tube lures.

When preparing for your fishing trip, it’s a good idea to take along a variety of the lures listed above in different sizes, styles and colors. It will make it easier to find something that works in every situation. The bass fishing in Kentucky is excellent and knowing where to go and which baits to try will make all of your fishing adventures even more enjoyable.

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