Current Bass

How does the strength of the current affect the behavior of a Largemouth Bass?

Largemouth Bass are a species of fish that does not like heavy current. I have spent many hours fishing rivers in the Midwest. As I catch fish while wading up the river I can always tell when I have a Largemouth Bass on the line simply based on where I hooked the fish. Most of these rivers I fish contain many more Smallmouth Bass. These fish are found in the faster currents. When fishing a body of water with heavy current you need to use this to your advantage. If you are seeking Largemouth Bass exclusively this can narrow your fishing area down greatly. If it is a river look for backwater areas near the main current. Creek mouths are an unbelievable good place to fish for Largemouth Bass on a river. These bass simply wait near the mouth of a creek for the current to bring baitfish into the calmer waters. Another excellent place to fish would be near fallen trees or other obstructions in the main portion of a river. This again gives the Largemouth Bass an escape from the current it does not prefer. Islands are a prime spot that holds Largemouth Bass. When you fish an island examine the shape of the land mass and determine what areas of the water it protects from the current. Surely you will find Largemouth Bas son the end of the island away from the current. But take this a step further and see if any unique features of the island itself offer a calm water ambush point for fish to hide. If so this is where you will find the Largemouth Bass.

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