Do bass act differerently in summer vs. spring?

Do Largemouth Bass react differently in the summer than in the late spring?

The most obvious difference you’ll see in the Largemouth Bass as the water temperatures climb is that they’ll start to move around less than they did in cooler water.
Temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s will usually send them looking for cover in depths ranging from 1 to 20 feet.   Bass in the lakes and reservoirs will move into areas where they can easily ambush their prey.  Prime spots will include the deeper channel ledges, drop-offs, rock piles in open water, and points.  Their depth will depend on the strength of the current, the temperature of the water, the available levels of oxygen and the presence of prey.  Bigger Bass will always go deeper than the smaller Bass.  You can still catch the Bass in the shallows when they return to feed usually in early morning, evening and late night.  You’ll tend to see the Bass traveling in larger schools, and will almost never find them in shallow water at midday.  The good news is that Bass are intent on feeding during the hot summer months and will aggressively attack top water lures, spinner baits, crank baits, jigs, worms and spoons.  They won’t, however, chase your lures for any distance.

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