Do bass eat when spawning?

does bass eat when spawning

The spawning activities of largemouth and smallmouth bass have been well documented over the years. We know exactly how many times eggs are laid in spawning areas, how many are laid and the percentage survival rate in any given year but it is never explained or clarified in terms of how this directly affects bass fishing. First things first, it is important to clarify that scientific studies have proven that bass do not feed when spawning. Neither male nor female will eat during the spawning process but they will bite a line if it appears. The reason why bass will bite a line during spawning if they do not feed is what has caused a massive divide between bass fishing enhusiasts. Some believe no fishing should be allowed during spawning but others believe it should. Why? Because bass will strike out at anything they consider a threat. Although they do not feed, this is why they may take your line. However, if you pull them out of the water when they are guarding the spawn, especially the males, then you leave the spawn unguarded and vulnerable to predators. This could in turn damage the population for years to come if you consider the knock on effect. It is important to know that bass do not feed during spawning but that catch rates will rise because their perception of threats is heightening constantly until the baby bass leave the nest, so to speak. As such, you have to look at the bigger picture to see whether you want to risk leaving a nest unguarded or not when fishing.

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