Early Spring Bass Fishing

More Spring Bass Fishing Tips
Here are a few more bass fishing tips for the spring that can help to increase the number of bass you reel in each time you go fishing. Take advantage of the cold weather fronts when they’re moving in. For example, during this time of year you’ll usually have three or four warm days followed by a few cold days. If you go fishing the day before the cold front moves back in you should find it to be very productive.

Remember that the water temperature plays a big role in how the bass respond to your bait. Once the water temperature reaches and exceeds fifty degrees, you’ll begin to see more action. The warmer it gets, the more aggressive the bass will become.

Don’t think that you can only fish in clear waters. Obviously, you don’t want to fish in water that is filthy or muddy but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fish in waters that are slightly stained. Use bright lures and spinnerbaits when fishing in these waters.

Bass fishing requires a lot of patients anytime of the year because this is one species that can be very unpredictable. So many things affect the way the bass respond to the bait from the time you go fishing to the type of bait that you decide to use. This can get frustrating but if you just have patients, you’ll be rewarded.

Normally, the best time to seek out the bass is in the early morning and late evening. This is because they tend to avoid the bright sunshine. Still, you can get some great results when fishing on cloudy days and if you stick to the shady areas when the sun is shining.

Be willing to experiment and try different things. Just because you’ve found one method that works well doesn’t mean that is the only thing that you can do. Sometimes changing old habits and trying something new can be very rewarding even when fishing in the spring.

It may mean the difference between reeling in a good catch and reeling in a great catch. If you enjoy bass fishing, get out there and take advantage of the great fishing spring brings and try new things to see just how productive you can be.

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