Fall Bass Fishing: What Makes It Unique

When using spinnerbait for fall bass fishing, it is best if you use some of the brighter colors such as white, chartreuse, yellow and orange to get the best results if you are fishing in dark waters. The translucent colors work best in clear, clean water. Spinnerbait seems to work the best when fishing in shallow water that is less than eight feet deep. When using plastic worms the six to seven inch ones seem to work the best. You can either use a Texas or a Carolina rig to produces a great effect. These will work best when fishing around structures such as logs, ledges, sandbars, drop-offs and stumps. Other types of jigs work great as well.

Your presentation is very important and can mean the difference between catching a lot of bass and going home disappointed. You need to keep the bait moving slowly because the bass prefer to not chase after their food. Use techniques that help to draw the bass to your line. You can use jigs with rattles that draw the attention of the bass and always make sure you use the colors that are best for the type of water you are fishing. You can also tip your rod to cause the bait to wiggle through the water.

Just remember, when you feel a bite don’t jerk the line too hard or you may take the bait right out of his mouth. Use this information to help you get the most out of fall bass fishing each time you set out for an adventure.

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